Hellow Lettres!
Ya seeeeeee estamos en Abril y aunque en algunas zonas no lo parezca.... ¡Es primavera! Pues bien como la primavera se ve que la sangre me altera.. pues he sido invitada al April Book Challenge organizado en Instagram (bueno no se si lo organiza ella o no pero es la que me a invitado) @sharmreds y bueno es un poco un reto largo porque durante un mes tengo que ir haciendo unas pequeñas "cositas" que podréis seguir si os apetece en esta entrada o a través de mi cuenta de Instagram  porque sinceramente no voy a petaros esta todos los días con una entrada sobre el reto.

La Challenge empieza en 1 de Abril

1. Abril TBR

Day 1 of the #springbookchallenge15 is #AprilTBR. I'm going with a bit of delay on the challenge but... well here is my #Day1, I am a person who usually reads about 600 pages per day so you could not put everything that was going to read this month because the news have not reached me yet... more or less (damn mail) but here are those that I plan to read this week. Little thing but eager! #SpanishReaders

2. Shelfie Tursday

Day 2 of #springbookchallenge15 THURSDAY SHELFIE
I have more than 300 titles in my library of which most I have already read both in Spanish and English and I'm thinking compare me a new Kindle because I threatened to soon fill the capacity of the mine.
See me accompanied by some (almost the most preferred) of my authors #JRWard #SherrilynKenyon#LenaValenti #ShaylaBlack #MonicaMcCarthy and well... hundreds of more titles live in my shelves and all of them unforgettable stories... by the way, I have a room just for books jejejejeje #SpanishReaders#PetitesLettresDAmourBlog

Day 3... Book&Bag #springbookchallenge15#JoannaWyld #ReapersMC

Day 4 #springbookchallenge15 is Book & Map. And as many of the participants, I'm going to introduce you to my (very old and used already poor) copies of the Lord of the rings that have a nice map in the following pages is the saga that made me dream and imagine a different world wide. #LordOfTheRings #JRRTolkien#OldBooks #InstaBooks

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